What is iRescue the medical alert button?

  • The iRescue medical button is an medical alert app. Featuring instant medical emergencies at ultra low cost, and providing GPS network location services is your guarantee to remain protected anywhere at any time.

Who is concerned?

It is aimed at people who have developed a medical risk and are not surrounded by people permanently.

So easy to use!

You no need to be a specialist! Simply launch the application to trigger a medical emergency alert. If you have triggered it by mistake, you have 15 seconds to cancel it. Once triggered, a call to the 911 will be launched (optionally - your choice), also the SMS messages will goes automatically to your emergency contacts. Wherever you are, your location and your request will be sent to your emergency contacts who can react quickly to your favor. About your emergency contacts: they are not required to install additional software in their phones, all cell phones capable of receiving an SMS will work.

Yeah...Try it free now!

Download in AppStore and try-it free for 7 days! No payement informations are required to test!