iRescue has been nominated for Best Overall App of 2016 award on

iRescue is...

  • An app to have definitely in your iPhone! It's your best friend like a dog! It live in your cell phone, eat some electricity, and his best quality is that it detects all violent impacts. Like a dog, it works under all conditions, and it warn immediately peoples who can act in your favor if he detect that you are in trouble. Like a dog, it's barking sometimes for nothing, but unlike a dog, it can be easy adjusted.

    It's amazing how many people have no idea what they will do after one accident, and let their safety to the chance! IRescue is the app that manage your rescue after an accident! It's essential like the airbag, or the seat belt durring an accident, the only difference is that it was invented today! And it works everywhere, not only in the car: at workplace in the construction site, biking, driving or walking in the street!

    We are never prepared for an accident! Durring an accident your cell phone can be projected anywhere! You may not be able to find it, when you need more. iRescue is the only application for iPhone in the world, which detect accidents and ask for help by sms automatically without you touching the phone. Yeah! No button to press! Thanks to the sophisticated algorithms, it adapts at your movements and automatically detects the impact. Is really smart and it work in any conditions.

    About your emergency contacts: a regular cell phone is good enough to receive your emergency notifications without any additional software installed.

Are you going to leave everything to the chance?

If this question embarrass you, we have some great news! Starting from today you can have easily, in just a few minutes, the best rescue plan ever see in case of emergency. Being lucky it's very good, unfortunately luck is random!

Prevention is not a new concept, and is proven scientifically that is better to prevent that to cure! This is iRescue's mission. It warns people that you need urgent help!

Without moving a finger!

iRescue will take care for everything! Your security will no longer be managed by chance, on the contrary, the luck is added to your security! It's convenient, easy to use, and you have always with you an Unbeatable Rescue Plan!

Investing in iRescue means investing in yourself, it will always be the biggest and safest investment. Your family is counting on you, and you on it. With iResque, you or your family, you are on to receive prompt help when you need it! Take now the complement that miss to your safety for as little as US$3.99

iRescue has been nominated for Best Overall App of 2016 award on

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